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January 1, 2017

Slim every where – Fovit Slim Cisterns

Rapid changes in Bathroom products are common like any other products in the market, In bathroom it is not a mere product changes but also Conceptual changes happening timely. Fovit Quickly adopted the recent Cistern changes in the market and unveiled a new range of slim Cisterns that can be usable even normal Pans and EWCs. Conceptual colour and stylish design are the major attraction of Fovit. This is our gift of 2017 to our loving customers.

March 27, 2017

Fovit Mirrors Added to the Collection

Introduced Wide range of Quality  Mirrors . It include Simple and contemporary design best suits topresent bathrooms. We now Introducing double series,Plain Series,Stud  series & Design series now. We would like to expand our collection by adding more design in future.



August 5, 2017

Branded Travel toilets – for Current Bathroom culture

We Are very happy to announce that we expanded our collection with Mobile Portable Toilets. This is very useful to current day bathroom culture. Apart from travel we also added Baby seat covers that can be easily place on normal toilets. Wide variety of colours and design offers babies attraction . Fovit becoming more generous adding simpler and needful products timely.

November 10, 2017

Vanity Basin Collection

Vanity Cabinets are now common in current day bathroom concepts. Fovit introducing Different designs of Cabinets according to current concept. Elegant designs with economical price is the main attraction of our products.

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